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Terms And Condition

Welcome to visit our terms and condition site. The content and information on this is property of hotel and third parties. The information of content showed this site may reference,copyright materials,process of other property rights of hotel.

Visitors use this site by following terms and condition.This website show other website package . If you book any hotel please follow that terms and condition¬† you should follow that hotel terms. Otherwise, please don’t calm us.

 Spamming  is not allowed this site.

Before booking any hotel please follow the instruction of that hotel.

Cheap hotel world website is not travel agent. We are not providing or controlling the prices. This is applicable to any of the hotel booking options. As a result, you may search for find on book via cheap hotel platform (“Third party products”)

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Visitor use this site in compliance with our laws and legitimate purposes. In consideration of visitor agreeing to follow our these terms we allow us a non-transferable, non exclusive license to download and access to use our services. Our platform for your own personal,commercial purposes and for no other purposes. In particular we grant such license to you subject to you agreement that you will not allow to

  1. Use our services and for any purpose that is not proper ,unlawful or to post ,share any material that is objectionable.
  2. Copy,distribute,communicate to the public sell,rent,lend or otherwise use our service. Or to seek to violate or circumvent any security measures employed to prevent or limit visitors access to or use of our site services.
  3. Introduce onto or transmit via our services or doing any disruptive computer program code,virus,spam attack,license.

We may update our terms and condition from time to time As your requirement demand.If you are agree of our terms and condition you are most welcome.