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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

What is road scavenger hunt?

Basically, scavenger is a team game which is prepared by the organizers. The organizers select a list defining items which the contributor search together that items. This game is engagement both children and adults. So this game is the perfect way to create the all family engaged and make fun till reach destination. In this blog we discuss about how to plan a road trip scavenger hunt.

“Important Rules”

  • NO harassing citizens of your town, physically or verbally for items or photographs.
  • Team member must be polite and respectful to their teammates and all the outside people involved in the scavenger hunt.
  • No torment citizen of your town.

Enjoy road trip scavenger hunts


What you'll need to road scavenger hunt

  • Camera
  • Print copy of scavenger hunt
  • A selected prize for the winner
  • A note book

Sample image of Road trip scavenger hunt

Process of road trip scavenger hunt

First of all print the list of image. Give the print copy all of the participate. The organizer provide this printable photo to the participant. When you travel on the road, the participant should observe everything carefully. The participant try to find those things which is listed on image. Take a photo of those things which you see on the road. The person who grab all the things firstly according to the print image is the winner. 

In summary, we hope you understand about the process how to plan a road trip scavenger hunt. A new audience may know the concept of this game. They may play this game when they go on a road trip. Those audience will be benefited by this blog. Apart from, the organizer may add more list to make this game competitive. Please leave a comment what you would like to add road scavenger hunt list!