What is green hotel?

A green hotel or an Eco hotel is an environmentally friendly hotel. The green hotel is certified green by an independent third party. The design of this green hotel by using traditional methods. This hotel is generally situated near the jungle. In fact, a green hotel is an asset to benefit the environment. Let’s talk about how to pick a green hotel!

Check out reviews!

By reading the reviews, you can learn what the service of those hotel are provided. You can learn how those hotels are maintain Eco friendly. The news sites and blog sites give a suggestion about Eco friendly hotels and resorts. These sites show the feature. This feature can help you to book the hotels. Apart from there are many Eco friendly where the guests write down the reviews of the hotel. The sites are TripAdvisor, Expedia, Hotels.com are allowed to leave reviews. 

Have option of recycling

Recycling plan is one of the most important for green hotel. Besides, the green hotel must be sustainable at home by recycling as much as they can. Many visitor come to hotel but it can not possible to handle the uses of wastage. The wastage is created in many ways.  Apart from, the wastage are created in washroom, guesthouse, reception, working areas. So, before booking a green you should query to the hotel manager about recycle option. If the recycle option is good, you choose that hotel.  

Types of energy uses the green hotel

This is important to know what kind of energy use in green hotel. But the uses of energy affect the nearly all of the resort’s operations. The source of energy converts to solar energy which is a great impact in the world around them. So alternative methods for producing energy become popular. The alternative methods are wind and geometrical. Check out the extra facility for producing new energy before booking. There are many option for reducing energy like low energy. It may LED lighting, reducing heating or cooling. 

Source of water use in Green Hotel

Water is an essential element for the sustainability of green hotel. The best green hotel store rain water from roofs and filter it for using. Above all, the green hotel should have a recycle option properly. 

Food Service

The restaurant of green hotel is basically Certified Green Restaurant. There are organic and locally grown food. The foods are attached with labels. The labels are USDA Certified Organic, Food, Food Alliance Certified, Rain-Forest Alliance Certified, Protected Harvest Certified, and  Fair Trade Certified. Do not buy over-harvested species fish. Please follow the Seafood Recommendations. The restaurant should have a sustainable accommodation options. This option can reduce food miles. Generally, the restaurant offer local and organic food. This food is healthy. The kitchen of the restaurant is located near the roofs or indoors. The restaurant authority provides glass cups, fork, cloth napkins,  ceramic dishes including with food. Last of all, you may check out the Green Restaurant Guide

Book near the attractions

Book a hotel near the attractions help to visit that place. Many of the hotelier provide car rental services to visit the attractions. Apart from, some of the hotelier provide the bicycles rental service. By ridding a bicycle the guest have an Eco-friendly to visit the attractions. However, cycling and walking is beneficial for health. It helps a lots of time to visit the attraction. If the attraction distance is longer near the hotel, you need the car rental service. This is really expensive. In other word, if the attraction distance is closer near the hotel, you may use either walking or cycling. This way is not only to good for health but also enjoy the natural scenery. 

Choose the Carbon Neutral Hotel

Carbon neutral is basically to achieve net zero carbon-dioxide. It is done by balancing carbon emissions. It may like carbon removal or simply eliminating carbon emissions altogether. This device can collect the data of carbon-di-oxide emissions. The name of the device is Climate partner hotel calculator. It can balance the emissions. The guest can see how much the carbon-di-oxide are throwing. As a result, it makes easy to their hotel climate neutral. So a green hotel must use this device.

Green Certified Hotel

Green certified hotels have passed the guidelines about their water management, energy consumption, energy consumption, heating and cooling system etc. A green seal ensures that the hotel provides you the environment friendly place. 

Engagement between hotel and local community

A truly sustainable hotel make a good relation to local community. A sustainable hotel do not operate commercial function in vacuum. It will help not only bring jobs but also profit back into making a better place to live for local people. Authentic travel is possible when local people and places are treated with respect. 

Safety & Quality

A good ratting hotel should maintain the safety and quality. This is very essential part for getting a highest ratting. Safe and durable log buildings are a natural choice for this naturally beautiful setting. A good hotel should have the safety logo which is mentioned below here:

1. Food Check

2. Pool Check

3. Room Check

4. Fire Check 

5. Eco Check

Hopefully, this tips will help you to pick the green hotel properly. You have gained basic idea how to pick a green hotel. If you like to read our another blog , please out this blog tips for booking cheap hotel.