As COVID-19 are spreading day by day, hoteliers have taken steps to protect their guest and staff. This is the time to know about How hotels are keeping guests, staff safe from COVID-19. All the room service and upscale spas have been provided by hand sanitizer, strong cleaning products,  entirely new health and safety protocols to prevent any further spread.

“The well-being of our team members, our Hilton family, and all who visit our properties is our highest priority, and we remain diligent in our commitment to provide a safe, hospitable environment for all who enter our doors,” Hilton VP of Corporate Communications Nigel Glennie said. “We have been closely monitoring the guidance of the WHO and CDC, and responding based on the advice of public health authorities.”

“In housekeeping, many hotels are implementing additional measures, such as cleaning public areas and “touch points” more frequently,” said Andria Ryan. “Hotels are also implementing protocols related to guests who arrive for check-in and exhibit symptoms of a virus or inform the property that they have tested positive for the virus and wish to self-quarantine at the hotel,” she said. “Some hotels have made the difficult decision to turn away such guests; others have decided to allow the guests to check in and work with local health officials to handle that situation.”

In food and beverage department of hotel, there are monitored hand washing of the employer. Apart-from, many of the hotel have changed their serving method of food.

Hotels should have personal equipment to protect employees and guests. The equipment are N95 respirator masks, goggles, disposable gloves and disinfectant solutions.

All side of hotel should be cleaned regularly especially front-desk counters, doors and door handles, elevator buttons and any common use areas within the hotel.

“It will be important for hotel employees to remain educated on up-to-date information on coronavirus and federal and local guidelines and mandates, as this situation is evolving daily. We continue to develop new understanding of the parameters of this virus, including how it is spread and how long it can live on surfaces,” said Jason Perry, president and CEO of Trident Shield, an emergency preparedness and crisis management firm. Canada: $99 or Less

Besides, he advised that every employee of hotel should wear mask at work. Also the employee should maintain as much as distance the other employee and guest.

Jason Perry recommended some notes in terms of food service in hotel. Table and chair surfaces between seating should be clean. There should be no unnecessary items on the table.

He also advised some caution to guest. Guests should not spend time in busy traffic areas. The busy traffic area such as restaurants, elevators and lobbies. Guest should use elevator to navigate floors and avoid crowded elevator.

He again advised to make some policy for the sick guest. The sick guest should not stay outside of the room. If the hotel offers to provide self-quarantine, there should make the policy for those individual guest.

This suggestion is very helpful. In this time, the patient of corona virus is increasing day by day. We specially thanks to Jason Perry to give awareness to the guest and hotel employee. The guest and hotel employee should follow this rules.

Disclaimer: This news is collected from( Hladvisors & Hotelnewsnow)