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Gardens by the Bay is a natural park. It is called the heart of Singapore. This garden was part of nation’s plan which it change its “Garden City” converted to a “City in a Garden”. The main focus of this park is to increase the standard of life by prolonging greenery flora in the city. The measurement of this park is 101 hectares or 250 aces. This park is situated at the Marina in the Central Region of Singapore. The feature of Gardens by the Bay is detailed below here:

Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is spectacular and innovative. It is one of the the largest glass greenhouse in the world. It listed on in the 2015 Guinness World Records. Spanning of the Flower Dome is 1.2 hectares. The feature of this flower is changing display, the flower field and eight another garden. Above all, this eight garden display foreign flowers and plants. Those come from the Mediterranean and semi arid region from five different continent.

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Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Gardens by the Bay

Cloud Forest give a chance to take mountain views. This forest has different plants and also backdoor microbe. It recreates foggy weather in tropical hill. The distance of this area is from 1,000 meters to 3,000 meters on the level of sea. It has a feature of a 42 meter Cloud Mountain. This is accessible by elevator. Temperature inside the Cloud Forest is low. The cloud forest has a complex structure epiphytes. The epiphytes are orchids, ferns, peacock ferns, spike etc.

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Supertree Grove

The bunch of  Supertrees arrange around the garden. Actually this is a forest. There have a lots of mechanical trees to increase greenery. A visitor enjoy panoramic view of the garden. Whatever, Grant Associates design this beautiful trees. These trees are vertical gardens. There have many function. The function are planting and shading. This trees are working as environmental engines for gardens. The height range of Supertrees are 25 meters to 50 meters. The Supertrees also supply air intake. Apart from, Supertree Grove opened a new attraction. The name of the new attraction is Supertree Observatory. This attraction is set into the tallest Supertree. It contains three levels. The three levels are the ground floor, the Observatory space and also the open air Open-Air Rooftop Deck. 

Children's Garden

Children's Garden Gardens by the Bay

This garden design for interactive play and also water play features. Far East Organization funded this garden. Grant Associates designed this garden. This location of this garden is near the treehouse and the adventure trail. Children enjoy a lot of this garden. 


Horticultural themed garden

This garden play a important role of the Gardens’ edutainment program. The main focus of this program is to give the knowledge of plant to the public. Different cultural groups present in Singapore. They represent their country colonial history and also their respective cultures. 

We finish this blog here. We show about the main feature of Gardens by the Bay. If you want to see our another article please check out here