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What's the difference between Hotels & Motels?

Have any difference between hotels & motels? Let’s discuss about the difference between hotesl & motels. There are a lots of difference between them.

A hotel refers to provide a number of extra facilities like spa, fitness center, swimming pool, restaurant etc. However, many hotels may have a conference center for the purpose of business meeting. Apart from the rating of the hotel defines the classify the service of the hotel. The higher ratting of the hotel means the classify the service of the hotel is better.

Motel is a hotel which is provided for motorists including a parking area of motor vehicles. Basically this is one kind of hotel which has a single building with connected rooms. The door of the connected rooms have a parking space. Nowadays long journey is very common and popular. There may need a accommodation for taking break on the trip. So that’s concept easily accessible overnight accommodation close to the main routes. In fact, motel grow popularity in 1960 when the car travel is rising. Above all, a motel rooms have doors and parking space which make coming and going without any difficulty. 


Difference between Hotels & Motels

DefinitionA hotel is paid lodging establishment on short term basis. There are including a lots of facilities. A motel is paid lodging establishment on short and long term basis. There are not including a lots of facilities.
CostingMore expensive than motel.Less expensive then hotel.
RatingRating is important for the hotel. This range is starting from 1 to 5 star.Rating is not important for the motel.
ComfortHotel is more comfort than motel.Motel is not more comfort than hotel
TypesThere are many types of hotels like apartment hotel, beach hotel, garden hotel etc.There is no variation on motel.
FacilitiesThere are many facilities in hotel like swimming pool, elevator, fitness center, restaurant, meeting center, Wi-Fi, Lift etc.Not be able to find a lots of facility in motel.


Features between Hotels and Motels

Size and Layout difference between hotels & motels

Basically hotel is larger than motel. There are many types of floors. The number of rooms may often either hundreds or even thousands. There is reception area where guests check-in, gather or hold on their turn. A hotel has many section. Each section use for different purposes. So all the perception of those things a hotel should have a enough big space.

Motel is smaller in size. This is single level properties. The rooms of motel are suitable to make it comfort to carry the luggage from their vehicles. The motel normally situate near roadside. The focusing point of motel are parking and room. By this concept motel is not big size like as hotel.


Advantage between hotels & motels

Hotels are not only for staying but also make entertainment. People stay in hotel long time for many purposes like vacation, official-meeting, events, party etc. The guest enjoy their time and create a chance to hang out. Restaurant, conference, fitness center, swimming pool give more advantage to pass their relax time. 

Some motel may provide some additional facilities like breakfast. But this facility is not provided all the time.  Apart from a small business meeting may be possible to keep their price as cheap as possible.


Maximum number of the hotel is situated near the attraction places. Because the visitor stay a long days in a hotel. They visit this attraction places by walking from the hotel. Apart from, business hotels are found near the financial division of the city.

Motel is generally situated near the side of the road. It is basically situated to the highway road including parking space.

Price comparison between hotels & motels

The price of the hotel is more high than motel. But hotel price is vary according of the rating. However the price of the motel is more cheaper than hotel.